Piemonte - Lago di Mergozzo

Fiorlago, a floricultural company, extends over three hectares of extensive terraces shadowed by woods and bordered by a stream.

Here we grow acid-loving plants such as Rhododendrons, Camellias and Azaleas, Indica del Lago Maggiore (simsii). Available potted or to plant in the ground, including large-sized specimens.

We have a large selection of different varieties of Camellia japonica, winter Camellias, Sasanqua and Vernalis, Hiemalis and other hybrids and species.

Also available are medium and large-sized specimens to use to great effect on large terraces, adaptable to create optimum hedges and spectacular in gardens and parks.

Fiorlago di Gabriella Udini - Via Bracchio N. 71 - 28802 - Mergozzo (Verbania) - P.iva 01148320037
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